View Full Version : [Network] Tcp / UDP Ports?

6th Sep 2014, 11:37
Which ports are used to get the groups tpgether?

and hell, why arent these release on your HP, a lot of people start to make custom firewalls to have better protection..
and its not hard to write down a few numbers.

8th Sep 2014, 10:50
Yea its a shame they are unknown, really. Go security :) I mean its nice that all works out of the box usually nowadays, but the price is high.

Thats a thing for Psyonix to answer though as SE support doesnt know the answer either.

8th Sep 2014, 16:58
I just can't spell how stupid it would be if game really required turning off firewall or opening ports. Steam, and Nosgoth.exe should be allowed to outgoing connections only, and that's the fix (restart again if you get this "turn off" bug :D). BTW. Your profile files are stored on blackcloth.os.eidos.com That's why the game sometimes loading so long - look for that server location.