View Full Version : Jefferson / Chloe Relationship

9th Sep 2015, 19:02
When they meet for the first time Chloe is very flirtatious with Mr Jefferson but when they meet again at the Vortex party she's very cold with him and looks really annoyed.

I guess it may be because she's upset about Rachel and that she wants to leave to catch Nathan but...

After Max finishes speaking with Victoria, Chloe comes out from another room. Is it the same place where Jefferson comes from soon after? If so, did something happen in there? Where was Chloe actually looking?

10th Sep 2015, 04:27
I don't think Jefferson came out of the same room as Chloe. It seemed like chloe came out of one of the locker rooms, next to it was probably the lifeguard's office where you turn on the pool lights in ep3 (not sure why jefferson would be in there though) :scratch: