View Full Version : Combining guardians??? Does selection matter?

27th Sep 2012, 14:46

I'm confused. I vaguely recall from the tutorial that one is supposed to combine guardians that have a common "type." For example sexy, intelligent, brave, etc. I've been doing this for like 30 levels. However, my brother just told me he has been combining based on "ATK type." For example fire, lightning, light, dark, poison, etc.

Has anyone done any testing on which of these approaches generates more experience for the card being combined into? Is it better to combine based on "type" or "ATK type?"

I suspect I've been doing it wrong because there are 10 ATK types (same as the number of cards in your deck), but only 8 guardian types (forcing one to have multiple of the same "type" of guardian in your deck and choose how to allocate cards of that type for combining.

Anyone know where this may be explained (if anywhere) or have a proven example of the optimal way to do this?


27th Sep 2012, 15:03
There is no benefit for combining the same type or element, the only thing that matters is the number of stars. The more stars the the more xp.

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27th Sep 2012, 17:19
Okay, I think you are wrong.

I just tested two 1 star cards for upgrades. The card being upgraded was lightning. I tested a lightning and non-lightning separately. The XP gained from matching lightning was at least double the amount gained from non-lightning.

I'm collecting cards now to test the creature type hypothesis. My suspicion is that matching attack type and creature type provide bonus XP. This would be logical as it would penalize players that plow all their cards into one guardian.

If anyone else has hard data to help out here, please share.


28th Sep 2012, 02:00
What you remember from the tutorial isn't incorrect; I remember it myself.
It said something about how combining the same "type" will result in extra exp, but I also remember something about combining the same monster (i.e. Combining three Sirens, or something of the like) also resulting in a boost.

I personally combine by element/type, and it makes a difference. A few days ago I put about eight wind-type cards into a Jinn and it gained a rather massive amount of levels. After that I threw about the same amount of mecha monsters into another non-mecha monster, and it gained about half the levels my Jinn did. The star-quality of each card was about equal in both senses. My Angel's got the same thing going on; it gains more exp if I throw light-attribute monsters into it, as opposed to anything other than a Silver Slime.

I haven't tried combining cards based on their Cool/Brave/etc. form of type, but I'll give it a shot tomorrow and see how it goes.
I always assumed that "type" was referring to the elements, so it never crossed my mind.

28th Sep 2012, 08:42
OK you are right, I tested a bunch of ways and same element cards give almost double xp. Card type did not effect anything.

28th Sep 2012, 14:46
OK you are right, I tested a bunch of ways and same element cards give almost double xp. Card type did not effect anything.

Yep. I agree with everything at this point. Type has no affect. Elemental attack type tangibly boosts XP gain. This still doesn't explain to me how there are thousands of players with multiple level capped 5 star cards, but I'm willing to avoid spending hundreds of dollars on special hunting tickets and be the best player that doesn't frivolously throw money away.

For the record, I did pay for $15 worth of coins because I think developers should be able to earn a living, but that's all I'm willing to pay for a iPhone game.

Note to Square Enix... produce good games and you don't have to make them "pay to win" to make money.