View Full Version : the effects on wepons don't expire...

3rd Sep 2014, 19:28
when i open a reward chest i found a weapon or an ability. well that item have some effect positive and negative who are temporary (they expire in 7 days). after 7 and more days the effect don't expired. can you resolve that?

3rd Sep 2014, 19:47
Afaik those 7 day are 7 actual days of use.That means than a normal round is 10 minute long-death time.The charge (positive and negative stats on it) expires in 10080 minutes

4th Sep 2014, 06:49
Shhhhhh! Don't tell the devs. They might catch on >.>

4th Sep 2014, 11:04
Where it was stated they should expire after 7 days? I though the recharge option was for removing or changing those effects. It would be better if this is just a bug, and they will become normal items, because most weapons and abilities from chests have more negative than positive effects IMO.