View Full Version : Dragon Quest Heroes

2nd Sep 2014, 08:13
hey everyone, Dragon Quest Heroes was just announced for PS3 & PS4 and it looks great and as an action RPG would probably do really well over here, but if past experience is anything to go by we probably wont even get it :(

anyway we Dragon Quest fans need a better way to get our voices heard but all i can think of is to keep posting on the forum in the vain hope someone will listen, WE WANT DQX SQUARE, WE WANT DQ HEROES in fact we just want to be able to play a game series we love, please Square, please release more Dragon Quest over here partner with Nintendo or Sony to do it if you have to PLEASE :worship:


4th Sep 2014, 21:12
They can keep their Dragon Quest action game. Not interested. There's a HUGE misconception that the west doesn't like turn-based games, when in all actuality, it's the pathetically low production values that usually come with them that we don't like.

I will not buy a DQ action game, and would be very upset to see it localized instead of DQ7 3DS.