View Full Version : The door to Nathan's dorm room

8th Sep 2015, 17:17
In episode 4, Max had to break into Nathan's dorm room by busting it open with a fire extinguisher. While finding Nathan's phone, there's a choice to make. Max can either Leave it broken or Rewind and fix it.

If you rewind and fix it, Nathan will only send one text in response to whether you let Warren beat him up or not.

If you leave it broken, Nathan will send an additional to Max, saying that since she broke his door, he'll "kill" her scholarship.

What did you do?

9th Sep 2015, 12:27
Didn't even stop to think about it. I went past the busted door like it was nothing. lol

9th Sep 2015, 15:21
After Max had busted the door open, I started thinking, "Mustn't leave behind any evidence of snooping." So I rewound as soon as I entered the room.

10th Sep 2015, 04:36
Totally not letting that freak know I was snooping around his room...

12th Sep 2015, 13:00
At this point I've pretty much developed the fear of leaving any traces of snooping so I made sure I rewound and fixed it. I actually did the same thing back in Episode 2, when I had to use that crowbar to open the door; that's when I discovered I could actually do that. Haha.

29th Sep 2015, 01:51
Yeah. I basically rewound whenever I could. Like when Max uses the plank to cross the raised platforms in the junkyard. After placing it and crossing, if you rewind she says something like "oh great.. now I have to jump down" :D Its fun finding those mini easter eggs.

I do wish they would put some final statistics in the game like:
- Times rewound
- Total time rewound.
- Time played

But yeah, I guess that would only be possible if they put it in the games code from day 1.

29th Sep 2015, 05:09
Yeah well.... I totally forgot that Max destroyed the lock si I simply stopped being careful.

29th Sep 2015, 15:35
I left if the door open, got a bit too invested in Maxine at the time and felt to urge to be as quick as possible. I'm that way too inrl. I even forgot about my cup of coffee and cig in the ashtray...