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8th Sep 2015, 14:32
I did not find a discussion about this, so I thought i would open up one :)

Most Tyrant's in high lvl play use "Charge/Marathon"...
I have the feeling this is because the "Jump Attack" is just to risky..

If you get hit by Bola, Hex Shot, Warbow or Knives, you are just standing around and wait to get shot^^

This is not only bad for the Tyrant, it also makes no sense xD
If a 200-300kg rock falls from 50-100 meter... and I throw my kitchen knife at it... the rock will still crush me xD

A solution is simple:

Let the Tyrant still do a litte dmg even if he gets hit by these skills..

Bolas are kind of heavy, so if a Tyrant gets hit by it during fall, it makes sense that the different directional forces cancel each other out a bit... (maybe 30% less dmg)

To explain a dmg falloff after hit by Hex Shot, we just need to adjust the jump a bit..
We all know that Tyrants possess some kind of telekinetic abilitys.
(We already have some kind of shield on the Tyrants during Charge/Marathon)
If we take this in consideration, we could say the Hex Shot disables the telekinetic abilitys during fall... = less dmg
(again 30% less maybe).

Warbow is in my opinion the only reasonable counter to Jump Attack.
(we could say the warbow is strong enough to actually cancel the Jump Attack)

Knives are a total no go... under no circumstances can 3 little knives stop a falling tyrant...

8th Sep 2015, 14:34
So, he'd still cause a bit of an earthquake even if he crash lands? I'd like that. Or maybe crash landing could be one of the perks for the skill tree that's coming out.

8th Sep 2015, 15:28
I think what first needs to be addressed is the hit radius of the jump, currently if u land a jump a foot away from a human but that human happens to be stood on a slope so is at a slightly different elevation, the jump will do no damage at all, this makes the skill quite unreliable.
The other issue would be the nerf is received recently with smaller damage radius and the in ability to strafe slightly sideways mid air, however i still find jump quite usable in higher level play it just requires better timing and forward planning

8th Sep 2015, 20:44
I think a better solution would be to give the full damage to whoever is in the jump radius tweaking damage and radius numbers accordingly. That way jumping is still really risky but has a huge payoff when landed correctly

8th Sep 2015, 21:31
I agree that Jump Attack is a little too vulnerable to being stopped. I'd like to see it be more resistant like Charge/Marathon, because nothing affects the Tyrant when he's using those. Not even Hex Shot or Mark Target.

I also agree that vampires have big issues with differences in map elevation, so I'd like to see Jump Attack deliver its damage in a bubble, with some sort of indicator for how big the area is. The 500 damage area should also be slightly bigger, as suggested above.

9th Sep 2015, 12:10
Shikei - I'd love to see a change to Tyrants Jump like suggested!

10th Sep 2015, 04:36
It was actually a decent move when you could somewhat aim your jump distance though still risky , now it is laughable and its a shame .

10th Sep 2015, 08:17
Thanks for all the feedback ;)
It seems like this is a much desired change :D

In regards of the elevated spot problems... I think these are rly common and also affect all sort of skills :
Shockwave, Senti Nade, Poisen Bomb etc.

But I do agree that this needs changes aswell... Tho this problem is in the game since.. ever..
While beeing discussed uncountable times... Without any change...

Thats why I tried another aproach to "buff" the tyrant jump, in hope of a bit more success xD

10th Sep 2015, 16:05
+1 for those suggestions!

I used to really like jump but at higher level play its biggest weaknes is that its too easy to counter. How hard is it to shot that falling mountain with warbow?

Also I feel that many other abilities for other classes could be redesigned so theyll be more useful because every class seems to be using one or two best loadouts because other ones are not as effective.

Just like bola is superior to whip because it has disabling effect, normal grenade is lot better than sticky, summoners are always using two summons instead of this big one cos he just sucks etc. What about tyrant throw aiming which is requested since forever? If we could get them redesigned this would be much better and tactical game than it is now.