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7th Sep 2015, 21:26
I used to play pretty often, but after my girlfriend dumped me I kinda stopped playing in order to avoid her. So I took a break for a few months, stopped in every day to get my daily reward, but not much playing to speak of. I was hoping my matchmaking rank would drop after a while to reflect my absence and rustiness, but sadly there doesn't seem to be such a system in place... Getting back on the horse again feels more like hitting a brick wall with spikes... I keep getting matched up with people who play the game at my old skill level and above and this is a serious problem for me because I don't play at that level anymore... I just find it impossible to practice or enjoy the game when I get obliterated in the timespan it takes for me to blink. The game was a much more forgiving environment when I was a new player to the game. Getting back in however at my current matchmaking rank is borderline torturous... Just drains the fun from the game for me...

So yeah, that is the end of my little rant. I guess what I am asking for is for the matchmaking system to account for absence. Would make the game easier and more fun to get back into for old veterans like me.

7th Sep 2015, 21:36
Hello there Fate.
I myself have ran into a couple of people in the same situation of not being able to play contently and brush up on their skills because of their matchmaking rank being excessively high that they are put into games that have little or no room to brush up on said skills and get back on the horse, so i think it would be wise for some matchmaking system to account for this and appropriately place people into lower rank matches dependent on how they've played or how long they have absent.

7th Sep 2015, 21:47
I Feel the same way in the public games I under stand I'm a toppish player and play in ESL so this is from my point of view from the other side of the spectrum. When I play some publics I feel some player not being up to the right skill level as there MMR says they are and one of the huge factor of this is because of this point where players that have previously been at a higher level have left the game for a while then come back to see they are put in to much higher level lobby's to what they should be in to de-rust so I think what would be a good idea is to have a decay to there MMR so lets say your MMR is 500 and you leave the game for a month each week it drops down by 20 or so but it can't drop lower then a set threshold of lets say 120 less then what your old MMR used to be this will reduce the amount of people abusing it to get easy game but still allow player to get back into the game and make it a enjoyable experience to both lower tear players since they can de-rust and for high tear players can have more even games with out "pubStomping" enemy players and teams.
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8th Sep 2015, 12:03
I agree with you guys on this one - even after a 3 week break I struggled to get back into the swing of things for a few days, so for anyone who has had a long break it would be good if the MMR reflect, if that's even possible :scratch:

2nd Oct 2015, 17:50
Feel this is so important that it needs to stay visible.