View Full Version : A Game Designed For Team Work With A Useless VOIP.

7th Sep 2015, 14:50
First off, I would like to say this games the best since sliced bread when it comes to team play but please sort out your VOIP as it kind of let's this game down big style especially with the new league beta's coming up shortly. If I'm joining into a league on my own, I at leased want to be able to call out to teammates without them typing back, "shut up we can't understand you" as the voice chat is so bad. Nosgoth is such a game that relies on team communication it requires a good VOIP system. I realize that teams who play together use third party VOIP's but for the new guy's who are just starting out on Nosgoth it would give them more of a chance if your VOIP work correctly in the first place.
I love this game I would love it even more if you fixed this issue.

7th Sep 2015, 15:47
The voice chat definitely needs some work in 3 key areas:

1. The voice chat needs to be clearer and of higher quality. People sound like they are talking under water when they come through.

2. There needs to be in-game options to control who's talking, such as mute or volume level, but because of:

3. When voice chat is used, it lowers the volume of all other sounds in the game which is absolutely terrible for players when that one team mate has a microphone that's on constantly because of noise detection and not push-to-talk. I'd prefer that voice chat either not do this or give me an option for it in audio settings.

7th Sep 2015, 17:19
Wanted to start this thread myself, because i can't imagine why this issue is still around. I remember playing Left4Dead for the first time in versus mode, getting stomped, but listening to more experienced players on voice chat. The learning process and team play was so easy when you can communicate like that.

It's a shame that Nosgoth doesn't have a decent voice chat. To avoid the noise detection it just should be set to push-to-talk by default in the game. It can also have a feature to test your voice output in the options - you say a few words and then listen to the recording. Just to be sure everyone can hear you well.

7th Sep 2015, 18:28
Not only all of this, but there needs to be voice indicators located somewhere besides above your allies' heads. An on-screen tiny pop-up with their name like in Counter-Strike.

What ever happened to a voice-over command menu like was being discussed (another feature in CS). That is something at the very least which is necessary, if not actually fixing VoIP.

7th Sep 2015, 19:31
I understand this to be a free to play game and the costs of developing a good VOIP, I bought into this game with a founders pack and every now again I purchase items just to show my support for the team working on Nosgoth. I would even suggest paying a £5 for a premium VOIP to show I'm serious about team communication on this game. I've never spent money on a free to play game in my life but then again I've never spent 220 hours of my life playing a game until this came along.Please sort this out as it frustrates me so much.