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6th Sep 2015, 19:47
I'd like to suggest an alternate form of Flashpoint for your consideration.

In this version the cannons are replaced by a type of pipe organ that when activated releases the deadly hymn of the Silenced Cathedral. This small but mobile version of the cathedral pipes is used to clear any lurking vampires in the area. If any vampires are close enough to the device when activated their heads explode; and once all devices are activated the map is filled with the hymn and the vampires have lost.

The next suggestion is that the devices are not activated by simply standing close to it. You must go up to it and activate it by holding a button down for a length of time like you do at healing stations, more people activating a device at a time means less time before it becomes fully activated; but the device's build up will gradually come down when left unattended before it is fully activated.


7th Sep 2015, 07:10
I actually really like this. It adds a bit more to the objective for humans instead of it just being a "camp this spot now" thing. Also requires that the humans have to preferrably have at least one guy attending to the pipe organs, akin to Capture the Body where at least one vampire must carry the body and is effectively not doing any fighting during that.

7th Sep 2015, 12:27
Makes me think..."pull the lever" "wrong lever" "aaaahhhhh"

This idea would be cool, maybe though the rest of the team should protect the "builder/activator" just a thought but I like the idea...or alternatively make it a block puzzle and I'm sold

j/k on the block puzzle part - I think I would cry.