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5th May 2014, 00:30

Also for the record. It's always been about the fan's. If it weren't for the fan's, then there is no magic.

You guy's rock!

31st Aug 2014, 00:06
I'm posting this to evoke replies.

Please comment your own opinions as well.

Let's talk about how our friends at Square are able to have such a fine game / story in Final Fantasy 7.

*** What happens when you take out Sephiroth from the game? You are left with options.***
***What happens when you take out Jenova from the game? You are left with no game.***

Would it be safe to say that FF7 is a Divine Comedy?

Here is some research I found in regards to who actually run's Shinra.

I don't even know if this information has ever been presented either.

Please wear a seat belt....

MY RESEARCH is primarily from FF7 / online research. I have beaten and played crisis core and dirge. As well as most of the kingdom hearts.

Who is the person pulling all of the string's at Shinra?

Is it Rufus Jr? I don't think so, because those guy's are ok. And besides, look what happened to his old man when he ran the company.

How does the enemy usually know what is going on?

Take a look at the materia Enemy Skill. What is perhaps the easiest way to get all of them? If you know how to MANIPULATE.

Let's find the path of least resistance for Corruption by using original character names. ( Remember Cait Sith is Reeve ) Add up the fact's to it all.

Cloud Limit 4 - Loved- Past Covered- No more Shinra
Tifa Limit 4 -Loved- Past Covered - No more Shinra
Aerith Limit 4- Loved- Past covered- No more Shinra
Barret Limit 4- Loved- Past Covered - No more Shinra
Nanaki Limit 4 -Loved - Past Covered- No more Shinra
Vincent Limit 4 - Loved - Past Covered - No more Shinra
Cait Sith Limit 2- Questionable- Questionable - Questionable
Cid Limit 4- Loved - Past Covered- No more Shinra
Yuffie Limit 4 - Loved - Past Covered/ Kind of / no shinra
If you asked Aerith to look at this she might say, look's about right.

What if you asked Jenova? She might say
"Oh look there, half the potential and twice the voice."

Shinra, one hand washes the other! Corruption is not given, it is transferred. Does anyone know what a sith is?

My last piece of information is this.

None of the magic in all of the Kingdom Hearts would not be possible for one fact.

(*)With out a keyhole ( Honey Bee Inn, Sector 5. Midgar ), there is no Keyblade(*)

Sad, but maybe true?

The Best news about it all??

If you have watched Advent Children. You know how Aerith feels about 'what if's'