View Full Version : Can Anyone Offer Help with the IOS Version?

6th Sep 2015, 01:33
Well I love this game, and, of course, had to pick up the ios version.

I'm playing on an iPhone 5c, and I just left Midgar and got to the world map for the first time, and I'm experiencing complete slow motion on on the world map. I've noticed many parts of the game thus far in which the frame rate has dropped pretty bad (area outside of Tifa's 7th Heaven, and any place with a lot of characters). This isn't really a framerate thing...the frame rate is butter smooth, but my characters move in slow motion. Moving on the world map is just unplayable. I just updated the game yesterday, and I have the latest software on my phone.

I've googled this issue, but no one seems be having this problem. In fact, all the reviews I've read thus far have commented on how GREAT this game runs...so is my phone jacked up or what? Did anyone else pick up this version for an iPhone 5?