View Full Version : Square Enix Account versus Square Enix Members

5th Sep 2015, 17:16
When I login at http://eu.square-enix.com/ my username is FatBlackFrancis, but when I login at https://secure.square-enix.com/ my username is krashd. It's the exact same email address so it can't be two different accounts, it must be two different systems, so why is that?

I spent hours trying to figure out why my password would not work on my Xbox 360, but worked on my PC before I realised there was a different older username, though both are used by me. Further exploring showed that I now have different games registered to each account (thanks for that unnecessary added annoyance). Is there a reason for such confusion?

I really like to keep things consolidated so how do I combine the two in to one?


8th Sep 2015, 09:10
There is a Square Enix Account website and a Square Enix Members website. Your Square Enix Account is used to play and pay for titles such as Final Fantasy XI and XIV while you can use Square Enix Members to earn rewards via the Square Enix Store etc.