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24th Jan 2014, 17:12
Maybe it's just me, but I've tried searching the forums and googling it, but I couldn't find anything. Will there be a partial/full wipe after alpha, or can we keep the stuff we earn now?

Seeing that most games do it and runestones are disabled, I tend to guess yes, but an official response on that would be nice.

24th Jan 2014, 17:18
I wouldn't expect to be without a wipe. I mean there is no point to it. Not to mention it would imbalance the playing field for gold release.

24th Jan 2014, 17:24
They will try to avoid it if possible, and I know spent runestones will be refunded (that's real money), gold might be refunded if items are lost? I dunno

9th Mar 2014, 15:12
Havent found any information about is there going to be account whipe of gold and levels before release/open beta?

9th Mar 2014, 15:27
open beta will be not that soon maybe last few months still be closed soo believe me you dont need to worry about it at this time

9th Mar 2014, 15:31
So just play for few months just to lose all your progress? nice I like that

9th Mar 2014, 15:34
I didnt say it will come... thats dont depend on me

9th Mar 2014, 15:42
Wipe occured when transitting from closed alpha to closed beta and it shouldn´t take place as people can now buy runes for money.

9th Mar 2014, 15:53
Nice, thanks for information, there is alot of past occurances tho with whipes + refunds on using the runes again in different games. So maybe time will tell then.

9th Mar 2014, 20:59
Nice, thanks for information, there is alot of past occurances tho with whipes + refunds on using the runes again in different games. So maybe time will tell then.

If memory serves, (I have no links to give, just my memory, forgive me) one of the devs stated at one point that from here on out, they will try their damnedest to not need a wipe, but if there's no other option they will do it without a regret. But I believe they also stated that if this happens, runestones will be refunded.

Again: Do not quote me as fact, I may be muddled somewhat, but if someone can back me up with something more concrete than the fruits of my labor (read: late night forum trawling) I will be happy.

17th Mar 2014, 22:30
since this is still in closed beta are you guys planning or resetting profiles before open beta/game is released ?

in other words, im i gonna wake up one day and see a blank lvl 1 profile ?

tried to look for an answer around, couldnt find, sorry if its a repost.


17th Mar 2014, 22:38

The Dev team is trying to avoid any kind of roll backs, of course if it is really needed they will have to do it.

Hope this answers your question.

28th Mar 2014, 13:08
Was wondering if we're going to be keeping our levels, skins, and runestones into the final release of the game. I was wanting to purchase some more skins and perks, but have been hesitant only because I'm not sure if I'll even have them when we hit open beta/release.

Thanks for the response in advance. :0

28th Mar 2014, 13:19
I've heard that they don't plan on doing a wipe, but if they must, the value of purchased items will be credited back to the account (in runes.)

28th Mar 2014, 13:34
Gaiseric, The developers and Square Enix are not planning on doing a wipe. If they do all items purchased by Runestones will be refunded in the runestone amount. (So you get runestones back instead of the items)

Hope this answers your question :D

21st Apr 2014, 17:22
Will people in the beta keep their level and unlocks after beta or will they have to unlock everything again?

21st Apr 2014, 18:01
It's not really something they can swear to. They expressed (in alpha) a desire to avoid taking us back to zero for closed beta, but to make things fair for the new guys the purge happened. Maybe it will be different with this since it will eventually be open beta, but be ready in the off chance the purge happens again.

22nd Apr 2014, 11:18
...but to make things fair for the new guys the purge happened...
It was also (and perhaps mostly) to preserve/create database integrity.
They did compentsate ex Alpha players by giving them unlocks for the sentinel and scout and giving them gold based on the level/rank they reached before the transition (as level/rank is an indicator for how much gold the player had obtained). So it was not particularly "fair for the new guys".

22nd Apr 2014, 12:19
I hope it wont get wiped, got some nice abilities and weapons with effects from a founder pack. and ingame hunting.
I think they won't because of the founder package items, else they need to refund that as well and that might be a hassle.

22nd Apr 2014, 12:27
As far as we are all aware the plan is for there not to be a wipe at the end of Beta – if for some reason there was it was said people would be credited back any real money they have spent in game so they can re-purchase abilities etc. If this would include the unlocks - I don't believe anyone has officially mentioned that.

22nd Apr 2014, 15:35
The purge from Alpha had nothing to do with incoming players. As Lemonpop said, it was about maintaining absolute server and file integrity going into beta. Things (such as level caps) were in existence to help the incoming players, the old cap was "25." The developers didn't want the Alpha players to feel that their time was wasted, so they tried to avoid it. However, they did give us gold for a head start coming into beta, which was good enough I suppose.

Case and point, I wouldn't expect a wipe.

24th May 2014, 15:04
Are we going to lose our gold/xp/items in the future to a full wipe ?

24th May 2014, 15:38
There are currently no plans for a reset, but if they do, you will lose all of that stuff yes. However, any runestones purchased will be refunded in full.

16th Jun 2014, 16:13
I love betas, but it's always a pain when progress is reset at launch. Are there any plans for a reset in this game after it releases?


16th Jun 2014, 16:16
They did this in the transition to beta, and are not planning to do this if they can avoid it.

16th Jun 2014, 16:21
Cool, right on. Thanks for the reply! :D

25th Jul 2014, 01:12
Sorry if this is already asked but is nosgoth getting wiped after cbt?

Cause I'm just thinking if you can buy runestones will they get refunded and your character be wiped :O And what's the use of having exp boosters if it will just be wiped

Sorry if this is noob and has been answered already I can't search properly from my phone

25th Jul 2014, 01:17
I believe the answer is No, it will not be wiped like it was with the transfer from Alpha to Closed Beta. But, if it is wiped for some reason, Runestones will be returned.

1st Aug 2014, 09:36
Question for the devs:

So if you need to "wipe" after cbt. We know we´ll receive runestones for invested real money. But what is with us "gold" players? Will we receive any gold back?

1st Aug 2014, 09:49
I think they´re said they will try to avoid another wipe if possible (but if it happens, everything will be refunded, even gold).

1st Aug 2014, 16:56
I know they try to avoid a wipe, but who knows what will happen. Do you have a link to an offcial statement that even ingame gold will be refunded? That would be great.

1st Aug 2014, 17:23
It already happened once before (http://www.nosgoth.com/blog/the-end-of-alpha-is-nigh) (from Alpha to Beta phase) and we got the gold (that time the amount was tied to your level though).

1st Aug 2014, 19:02
Thanks! I´ll hope, if a wipe is necassary, that I´ll receive some invested gold back. Even if it is tied to my level I´m cool with that. I just would hate it beginning from the scratch if there is a wipe.

8th Aug 2014, 21:03
So, there's no official word on the question whether there will be a wipe after beta? I'm guessing not, because not only can you buy runestones with real Money, you get gold and boosters from founder packs right away. Wouldn't make much since if I spent them now and later get my progress reset. I got the Veteran Pack as a gift from a Humble Bundle, but I'm hesitant to spend money until I know what happens with my stuff after launch.

8th Aug 2014, 21:08
they have said they wouldnt wipe unless unavoidable

15th Aug 2014, 10:35
hi, I wonder is it that the game will reset to zero for the open beta or official release? and if that is the case we will always be the founder pack for example?

30th Aug 2014, 05:11
Will the open beta reset our levels/items/gold? What happens if we buy a founders pack or something, will it get reset? What about when the actual game comes out will we have to rebuy our packs

30th Aug 2014, 07:09
Hi ShaneisaGhost,

Developers have said that they would rather avoid a wipe. Most likely there won't be a reset before Open Beta or when the game goes live.

But, in an unlikely chance of it happening:

You will keep your Founder pack and all of its contents will be restored.
All your purchased rune stones will be given back to you to be used again.
You will not need to re-buy your Founder pack(s). In fact, if I am not mistaken, founder packs won't be available any more when the game gets released (don't quote me on this).
Can't comment on gold/items. Some sort of compensation would've been great but then again no official statements have been made.

30th Aug 2014, 08:01
Can't comment on gold/items. Some sort of compensation would've been great but then again no official statements have been made.

I can comment on this based on what happened some time ago. Going from alpha in to closed beta, all of us received a gold stipend based on the level we obtained prior to the beginning of closed beta. So if things were wiped, I expect something along those lines.

30th Aug 2014, 11:49
Hi ShaneisaGhost,

from a developers point of view i wouldn't do a complete profile reset when open beta starts. Matchmaking will be much easier, when the system knows that you already have 50h of game experience, so it won't match you against those actual lvl 1 players. And why would you want to clear everyones inventory. Its not like bought items give you any advantage over new recruits. Its the game experience that makes you stronger.

Regards, Yaron