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4th Sep 2015, 20:59
I'm one of those people who don't have any particular skill in the various forms of art.
But as many do, I love this game, and I wanted to share my little dedication to the game, my own type of art.

I recently made a tumblr, (never had one of those - also sorta sucks that the the latest stuff comes out first.. Kinda want Episode 1 first! Oh well..), to have somewhere to share pictures from the game, each episode. They're all taken in realtime, in the moment. I never revisited an episode to take the perfect picture, they're all authentic in the moment. A memory if you will.

Some of my pictures will ressemble photographies and selfies due to the nature of the character!

Also there may be some spoilers, but I trust everyone is caught up. :o :x
I just want to share my experience..


Also want the development team to see it, of course. I hope I didn't post it in the wrong place.

6th Sep 2015, 11:55
Thanks for sharing.

6th Sep 2015, 12:13
Funny, Life is Strange also inspired me to start a Tumblr account as well. I actually refrained from posting more screens from the game so I didn't appear too obsessed with the one game. Looking at yours now, I think I will post more screens. Also I'm a writer and I did a post about why Max is one of my favourite characters and I am planning on doing another focused on the game itself after I finish episode 5. I will be doing other games and other media as well. Recently I shared my thoughts and some screens for Until Dawn.

So yeah, look me up as well if you're interested: http://wazzuman92.tumblr.com

6th Sep 2015, 21:03
Cool. Nice blog.

6th Sep 2015, 23:05
Thank you. I just started a few weeks back but I'm working on my next written post and like I said I have more screenshots from Life is Strange and other games to share.