View Full Version : Make all vampires and humans have passive abilities for their skills

4th Sep 2015, 20:11
I feel like perks dont fulfill the "passive" aspect of the game. There should be an additional slot that improves ONLY ONE of your skills in one of two different ways. Ie.

vampire sentinel:
reduced cooldown of primary ability by 25%, or increase duration of abduct/ kidnap by 0.75 seconds.
Increased wing flaps damage and knockback distance or puncture can only hit one enemy, but deals 550 dmg instead.
Dive bomb knockdowns instead of staggers, or increase explosion radius of air strike by 50%, or takeoff now knockdowns enemies, or sonic streak staggers enemies that are near and increases their recoil by 25%.

human alchemist:
cannons reload 25% faster, or cannons have a greater radius of explosions
sunlight vial now staggers vampires hit, or light bomb briefly blinds vampires for 1 second, or immolation now detonates immediately after 3.5 seconds and does not stagger you
firewall is planted in a X cross instead of a straight horizontal line, or you can now sprint while using flamethrower and flames reach 25% further, or reduce poison cloud cooldown by 25%, or healing mist now heals 100/ second instead of 75.

This is just a rough copy but I feel like passive abilities should have more impact on your play style or maybe instead of having all those choices, just make another skill slot for both humans and vampires that can truly shine in their specific role.


6th Sep 2015, 00:25
They recently announced in the state of play that they're going to be doing an overhaul of the perk system, with class specific options, so I think we may be getting something similar to what you're suggesting at some point. We also had a thread about potential passive abilities for classes that sounds similar to what you're suggesting.

Here's the link: http://forums.eu.square-enix.com/showthread.php?t=149384

But yes, I agree, something like this is needed.