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3rd Sep 2015, 18:09
Before i start... Sorry for any errors... I'm Studying English and i'm writing also to practice my notions... So if you find any errors please correct me!! :D


Kate after the Vortex club Party has lost part of her memory... Right? I'm wondering... And if also Max after has been drugged has lost part of her memory... The part one of the episode 5 i think will be like this...
I wanna believe she will not lose her power, and i really hope she will save Chloe and Rachel but i think at the and of the game only one between Max and Chloe Survive... Perhaps we will see one ending like Donnie Darko, Max will Choose to die to save Arcadia Bay And Chloe or She will choose to kill Chloe to save herself and Arcadia Bay... The wait will kill me... I know...

What do you think? Happy or Tragic ending?

I really love both... Max and Chloe... And i hope to see Max and Chloe in Life is Strange 2...

So... Thanks for your opinion and Cach ya in a few!

In my opinion beware of Warren!!!

3rd Sep 2015, 19:48
I hope there will be multiple endings : happy ones, tragic ones, what about endings with bad events (deaths?) but Max is the only one saved ? (which could be good and bad at the same time, it depends on what happened to the others) For example, maybe something bad could happen to the whole Vortex Club but Max and Chloe continue to live ? I don't know..

About Warren, the selfie thing is too obvious in my opinion, but I don't know what to think of it. But I feel like he's a nice guy who just ****s up a lot ? Idk

3rd Sep 2015, 20:25
Like the OP, I too want Rachel safe.
More than anything, after the end of episode 4, I felt this overwhelming desire to save everyone. I was so angry and confused by what Mark Jefferson had done and how much disgusting **** went down in Arcadia Bay. Maybe not everyone deserves to be saved, but I just REALLY wanted justice for the girls. >< Rachel...Kate...and who knows who else filled those binders!!
It will be super interesting to see the different endings everyone gets. I'm really hoping for a somewhat hopeful/happy ending to some extent. But overall, I'm really just anxious to see what happens! lol
I'm afraid for our girls. I fear what Jefferson will do with Max...even if she can eventually get herself out of there--some types of damages can never be undone. :(
I really hope above all that Squeenix and dontnod really take their time on this final episode and make it the perfect wrap-up episode to a spectacular season!! No matter which way it ends, I'll be happy to have had the experience.