View Full Version : [PC] Episode 2: Audio bug

3rd Sep 2015, 09:44

There's a strange audio bug in Episode 2. It happens when you meet with Chloe in the "Two Whales Diner" and rewind to demonstrate your new powers. After you have rewound and the time should be "back to normal" the sound is playing in extreme slow motion for a few seconds (the characters move in normal speed and not slow motion at this point) until it's back to normal.

It feels like a bug because it's the only time in the game where the sound is playing in slow motion after rewinding. On every other occasion the sound plays at normal speed after rewinding.

4th Sep 2015, 09:20
Thanks Ross, we will look into this. Sounds like a random glitch. Does this happen every time you play the scene?

7th Sep 2015, 22:08
I tried it several times. Sometimes it does happen, sometimes it doesn't.