View Full Version : [PC] Episode 4: Bug when using stairs in barn/bunker

3rd Sep 2015, 09:40

I'm playing the game on PC and I'm using the keyboard controls.

I discovered a small bug at the barn in episode 4. When you have discovered the secrect entrance to the hidden bunker underneath the barn and try to go upstairs again, Max walks up one or two steps and then suddenly stops walking. You have to press the walk button again, then Max walks another one or two steps and stops walking again. This continues until you have reached the upper end of the stairs. Then you can walk without problems again.

I know you don't have to go the the stairs back up, once you have discovered the secret bunker, but as I couldn't remember the correct code I thought I missed something up in the barn and so went back.

4th Sep 2015, 09:19
Hey Ross,

Thanks for letting us know. Does this still happen if you replay/reload the scene?

7th Sep 2015, 22:07

Yes it does happen when I reload, too.