View Full Version : Coop Error on PS4

3rd Sep 2015, 02:56
Everytime I play LCTO multiplayer on the PS4 the game presents all kinds of errors making impossible to play with my friends. I shoot objects and they don’t break, the other players positions on the screen are false, doors that were opened by other players remain closed for me leaving me behind and making impossible for the other players to advance, the scenario is always darker for me like the light effects are off.

I have the full version of the game + season pass and I also have access to the game through PSN Plus.

I have uninstalled the season pass version and installed the psn plus version but the problem remain.

PS: I don't know how to open a support ticket

PS: My IP is on DMZ

PS: The game works fine with 2 or more local players.


3rd Sep 2015, 03:02
Ticket Number: 5327022