View Full Version : Transfer game to new phone

2nd Sep 2015, 16:57
Is there any way to transfer game progress/gem accumulation data from my old phone to my new one? I have already had to start the game over when it did a hard reset after crashing one day. I'd like to not have to go through getting all of the upgrades again especially after having spent money on gems!

3rd Sep 2015, 21:13
I'm not sure about Windows Phone or Android, but Game Center on iOS should cloud save your game data, allowing you to transfer to other devices on iOS

10th Nov 2015, 11:30
Following up on this: I have written to Square Enix, and they have confirmed that changing phones = losing all progress and purchases!

I was appalled that this was an acceptable business model: with so many in-app purchases, it seems unacceptable to me that there is no way to save them for the future. Phones break or need to be replaced all the time.

31st Jul 2017, 09:51
Yes you can on IOS too but only after backing up the old phone, (then) restore the phone & all the app (relic run)