View Full Version : Crashing at Maze of Spirits - wall of blades

1st Sep 2015, 10:55
Love this game on iPad mini but can't go any further coz it crashes on Maze of Spirits chapter when i try to load wall of blades level 6. I managed to get it to load by replaying previous level but now it crashes that route too. Anyone having same problem / got any suggestions?
Edit: I deleted the game and downloaded again but now it keeps crashing right from beginning of game.

1st Sep 2015, 15:21
Hey there,

Try signing out of Game Center and launching the game again. Might help. What OS are you running on also?

Let me know if it helps!

2nd Sep 2015, 09:56
I deleted game, logged out of Game Centre and disabled it as far as possible, cleared space in memory then re downloaded LCGo again. Have managed to play all the way through without problem. Hurray!