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26th Aug 2014, 04:10
--Bolus will stop a vampire from climbing if it lands while they are climbing. They will fall straight down back to the ground. Example (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mjzb5mqUqgU#t=14)

--You can bolus Reavers/Tyrants when they are running away. However, if a Tyrant uses stone skin or Reaver uses evasion. You have to wait a couple seconds/closer to the end of their duration to be able to get a bolus off. If you bolus after the use of those vampires skills your bolus will fail. The same example shown in the above video.

--You can bolus Sentinels mid-air, while they are trying for a grab, while dive bombing, or while they throw their grenade

--You can bolus a Reaver and interrupt his bounce even while in mid flight

--You can't bolus an already charging Tyrant.

--Bolus will stop vampires skill from going off(Vampires will not get a cooldown). Watch for their animation, if you see you canceled it be ready for them to use it when they come out.

--I highly suggest poison bolus as it gives more damage output and the DoT can go through the Reavers evasion skill. Having a little longer time to shoot them with the regular bolus isn't worth it IMO. When you bolus someone and start to shoot them they are most likely running away. Also poison bolus does what whip does but better in every way.

26th Aug 2014, 07:16
Agree about poison bolas. Difference between hold time is too small, hope devs will not balance it = ))

26th Aug 2014, 09:14
Nice tips! Thanks for adding to the community :)

26th Aug 2014, 11:05
the only upside of whip vs. bolas (or poison bolas) is the instant application of the dmg and it is easier to hit. I prefer the poison bolas, because I like the satisfaction of landing bolas on diving sentinels :cool:

26th Aug 2014, 14:22
I'm a fan of the normal Bola myself, but it probably could still use some buffs. Most people consider the Poison Bola a complete upgrade, but there are some sidegrade elements to them (I'm just not sure if they are worth it or not).

The normal Bola's extra 0.5 seconds duration (almost 20% more than the Poison Bola) isn't really used if humans are attacking the Bola'd Vampire, the damage cap is reached well before that happens. It is nice though when you Bola a Vamp and no one attacks him, focusing on the other Vamps first (although the free 240 damage at the cost of 0.5 seconds less would probably be even more helpful)

The Cooldown on the normal Bola is a big plus though, 12s (40% less than Poison Bola) compared to Poison Bola's 20s, so I often find myself using a Bola two or even three times a fight. It's great when you hit a Vamp with Bola, he takes a some damage while he runs away and waits for the Bola to break then gets back in position and attacks again, just to eat another Bola from you. Keeping the best player on the Vampire team on constant Bola lockdown is always nice, but the best way to keep him out of the fight is to just kill him (where the Poison Bola's free 240 damage comes in hand).

27th Aug 2014, 16:45
The reaver evade skill, the tyrant iron skin skill and the sentinel liftoff skill (or w/e its called) all break bolas. The reaver cant be rebola'd because he dodges everything due the skill active, but the tyrant can be rebola'd. Dont know about sentinel, I guess him too. That being said the liftoff skill goes straight up so it isnt as effective in getting away as the Tyrant and reaver.

Also with reaver you can use the shadow step to just jump away, the bola wont break but if you do it straight upwards the whole duration of the shadowstep takes so long that it is almost broken by the time you land again.

27th Aug 2014, 19:34
The reaver cant be rebola'd because he dodges everything due the skill activ

Again as I stated before. You can bowl reavers in their dodge skill. You have to wait a few seconds/closer to the end of their duration. I've gotten bolas off on plenty of reavers by just waiting for the duration to get closer to the end.

28th Aug 2014, 02:04
Blizzard, that's due to client-side registration of the bolus hit. For them, their evasion had already ended.

7th Sep 2014, 03:18
remember u can also Bola tyrants mid jump

and u can use the arc of the bola to hit vampires on tall buildings or towers