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31st Aug 2015, 17:16
Just wondering if anyone else is having issues with the QR on here.


The QR isn't a valid QR code, and both me and my partner, on two different machines, on both IE and Firefox, are getting the same image


And to top it off, the numerical code is not displaying either. If we log out, we get the eight _ where it should be, but as soon as you log in (Via Steam, Squeenix or Facebook account) it disappears and the entire text section below moves up.

Anyone else having this issue, or have a solution?

31st Aug 2015, 18:25
It's not just you, it doesn't work for me either. Tried different browsers, operating systems, nothing seems to work. The account link function seems to not work anymore. It's a shame really, I just recently bought this game too. I don't think there is a point in linking the game anymore since the daily challenges are no longer active. Support for this game seems dead in the water too.

5th Oct 2015, 13:40
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15th Oct 2015, 00:06
I only bought this game a couple of weeks ago and started playing the other night. I was able to generate a QR code and link my SE account to my game with ease :-/ It is a shame that I seem to have arrived extremely late to the party though. It would be nice to get daily challenges.

17th Oct 2015, 13:25

29th Dec 2015, 07:43
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12th Feb 2016, 14:36
Hallo erstmal

ich wollte fragen wie das mit dem Konto verknüpfen geht? ich habe mich auf die Seite einloggt und den Ziffern Code eingegeben aber er bringt immer eine Fehlermeldung. Bei der Fehlermeldung steht was mit Verknüpfung. ich finde ich die Verknüpfung aber nicht.

kann mir einer weiterhelfen?

16th Feb 2016, 20:46
thank you so much

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17th Apr 2016, 23:56
how do now to upgrade char stuff and lvl... ?