View Full Version : 2 LCGO Questions: Canada and BlueStacks

30th Aug 2015, 15:57
Hi, all. Has anyone been able to purchase and run the game from the Canadian Apple App Store? Someone wrote to me saying she'd bought it for her iPad but when she tries to launch the game, as soon as the Gamecentre pops up, the game crashes. Any ideas? I am clueless about both Apple and Canadian issues.

Second, has anyone been able to play the game with BlueStacks and have your progress saved? The game runs great on my phone but when I use BlueStacks, it plays fine but will not save progress between sessions. Help!

30th Aug 2015, 19:11
My iOS copy was a code redemption, but it's still through the Canadian app store, and I haven't had any trouble with it. My advice, if she hasn't already tried it, is to go under iOS Settings / Game Center, click on the Apple ID at the top, and click Sign Out. Then try launching the game. The first time I launched the game, I was not logged into Game Center (had never used it before).

30th Aug 2015, 19:22
Thanks! I'll pass your advice along to her.

30th Aug 2015, 22:25
Thanks for the advice, Elysrae (and Relight). I've beaten the game but now am replaying to take screenshots for my walkthrough. It's a bit tedious not being able to save progress, but I've been doing what you did and just putting the computer to sleep between sesssions. So far so good, but I would still like to be able to store a few different saves to easily go back and replay chapters with relics and gems still in place.

Anyway, if I find a solution for BlueStacks, I'll certainly share it here.

30th Aug 2015, 23:50
Sorry for the double post, but I wasn't sure if edits were pushed to people subscribed to a thread and I wanted everyone to hear this discovery.

:worship: Roli (http://forums.eu.square-enix.com/member.php?u=188961) just recommended Andy (http://www.andyroid.net/) as an alternative to BlueStacks. It took a while to install but it runs LCGO perfecly, saves the game, and even syncs with your other devices if you set it to do so. I've only replayed through the first chapter, but so far it's working great!

3rd Sep 2015, 12:47
Thank you for the tip! I'll try it! I may be asking a silly a question but do you have to buy the game again on Roli? :o

Roli is actually the guy who told me about it. The program is called Andy (I guess short for Android). As long as you bought the Android version initially (not Windows or iOS), you won't have to buy it again. Just sign in on Andy using your same Google Play account and the game will be available to re-download.

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