View Full Version : [PS3] Episode 4 - Texture error and subtitle error.

29th Aug 2015, 19:34
Okay, so I was playing through Episode 4 and had just gotten myself into Nathan's room, where I was met with a texture error right in front of me. The light coming from the projector was just a black cone. When I walked out of the room and walked back in, the texture had loaded properly but after searching a few items inside the room, the projector light went back to a black cone.

Later on in the Vortex Club Party, I had Max sit down and monologue to herself, but then the subtitles started to lag and fall behind, eventually catching up near the end of her lines but not before repeating one subtitled line twice.


2nd Sep 2015, 08:57
Hi Panda,

Had you had your PS3 on a long time before playing? It might be an idea to turn off your PS3 and allow it to cool down a bit.