View Full Version : FF7 Remake: Addition of Costumes

29th Aug 2015, 01:56
I would like the Remake to include the option of choosing different character costumes.

My main motivation to request this feature is that I would like modest options for the main characters to exist.

In addition to this, I think it would be fun be able to use the costumes Cloud and the girls use to get into Don Corneo's place and the costumes used for the ship part. I think Square Enix could have some fun costumes included in the game: maybe Cid in a space suit, or Cait Sith riding a chocobo (or some other monster).

30th Aug 2015, 12:27
I believe that any change of attire for Main Characters in the game should remain strictly scripted and not become optional. Simply because I think it would be unnecessary and would draw it's likeliness far too close to FFX-2.