View Full Version : BCNM Fight Glitched out. (ACP)

28th Aug 2015, 13:05
I was making a first attempt on the "A Crystalline Prophecies" final battle in Stellar Fulcrum.
At the start of the fight I was drawn into the seed. However, it pulled me inside the seed and I couldn't move anywhere. also when I attempted to engage, I kept getting the "Unable to see Target" message. So I basically got destroyed without being able to land a single hit (99MNK/NIN).

Is this a reimbursable event? or do I need to gather my items in the tower all over again to obtain the key item to activate the BCNM?
Any input would be greatly appreciated.

- Mordu (Asura Server)

28th Aug 2015, 13:09
Which game are you experiencing issues with?

28th Aug 2015, 13:11
Final Fantasy XI

28th Aug 2015, 14:13
While the Seed Crystal does have the Draw In ability, this is obviously not supposed to happen. Unfortunately, if you fail to defeat the boss, you have to go through the process of obtaining an Omnis Stone again.

28th Aug 2015, 15:09
Thank you for the response. I'll gather the items for the Key Item again and attempt a second try. If it happens again, I will let you know.

28th Aug 2015, 15:13
I hope everything will work out this time - and, if not, then we'll let the team know.