View Full Version : Next gold skins

28th Aug 2015, 13:00
I don't know if we get a say in it, but a discussion on the steam forums got me thinking about which skins the next gold variants should be on.

I'd like to see the Turelim Platemail be the one that the gold version is based on, since that's currently the most unique of the Tyrant skins and my favorite apart from the evolved one.

There don't appear to be any variants on the Sentinel's Armor (the default one) so far. That's one of the better shapes IMO, but I'm not keen on the colour, so I think it could look good as the gold skin.

I can't really decide which one I'd like to see for the Reaver's gold skin. Maybe the Platemail for that one as well, unless the founder's skin ends up being the his gold one. I can see some people not being too happy though, if it's the founders one.

What does everyone else think?

28th Aug 2015, 15:05
The Reaver's raider skin seems the best choice since it is the only one that doesn't already sport gold trim from where I can see, except for the base skin; but many of us already have the solid gold version of that skin.

22nd Sep 2015, 18:49
Are there going to be adept skins for the remaining classes or just those 4?