View Full Version : Attack+dodge to move around looks stupid

28th Aug 2015, 08:06
I know people do it to move 20% or so faster and apparently the devs have stated it has become part of the balance. My question is this, if vamps need the speed for balance why not just up their speed so this ridiculous looking method of gaining speed isn't necessary.

I for one will never resort to this for a speed boost because I would rather lose a game than lose all immersion. Considering the amount of effort that has been put into the art design it seems the devs care about immersion too. Seeing this in game defies that effort, like drawing a moustache on the Mona Lisa.

30th Aug 2015, 22:24
This mechanic is never going to be properly removed, due to the massive can of worms it opens, because it serves much more than a running about mechanic when you have things like wall-climbing and roof-top jumping to worry about. It becomes a skill-based counter to situations like a human stacking all sprint equipment, without feeling left out because you packed stopping power resist and attack speed. The mechanic also creates a modicum of unpredictability when mixed with zig-zagging, and regular running, allowing you to avoid getting hit when moving from cover or rushing/dancing around an enemy.

A straight speed buff to vampires would make the move speed effect worthless, but now devalues human sprint perks as it will now never match a vampire, and increases their ability to just run to avoid hazards or damage. Removing the animation cancel removes the fluidity of vampires, and reducing their ability dance around and evade skills up-close, which can be a death sentence.

4th Sep 2015, 02:52
However it is a part of game mechanic this should be re-animated for looking not so "angularly" . Devs should add new animation for attack+dodge combo, and thats all .