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27th Aug 2015, 21:06
Level Segregation Level Segregation Level Segregation Level Segregation Level Segregation Level Segregation

28th Aug 2015, 11:52
Would you care to elaborate a bit?

1st Sep 2015, 13:48
Elaboration Elaboration


1st Sep 2015, 14:09
This sounds more like a feature request than a report of a broken one.

2nd Sep 2015, 10:24
sorry. I believe we need level segregation. It gets frustrating to play and be grouped with people who have like 10-20 hours game time. You start playing. Your getting double and triple teamed. Your team is standing right there approx. 5-10 feet away and not a single shot is fired in your direction. In capture the body when i get teams like this, its common for my team to be looking at the body i get jumped by a reaver and they just ignore me. I look at their steam profile and these people have like 15, 17 or even as little as 7 hours playtime. One time I was playing league and one person on my team said it was his 2nd time playing the game. In league i held eternal for like 2 1/2 weeks. Then i started getting grouped with all these new people who barely just learned to play. I ended up being dropped to blood 1 and never saw Eternal again. My score would frequently not only be the best on the team but be 1st over all in the match or 2nd but because my team barely knew how to play we lost and i would lose 14 points. Im glad more people are playing the game. I think thats great but they should be segregated with new people cause it gets really frustrating to play a good game but get blown out by the other team for no fault of your own. If your on a team where everyone is experienced and skilled and you lose thats fine. Good game. I dont mind losing if we all played a good game. I can reflect on my game and see where i need to improve. not a problem. But when your half way through the 1st round and you can see by the way your team plays you have already lost, it gets frustrating.

3rd Sep 2015, 00:16
There has to be some sort of "level segregation" in the game. 5 minutes ago I was inspecting profiles in the pre room and there was one guy with 0,2 hours played, other guy with 6 hours and 2 with 200+ hours played. Please, at least make sure people have to play new recruit before joining deathmatch. Its not fun to destroy a team or be in a team who doesn't even know how to play.

I notice while playing league the same thing was happening, I was Blood 1 playing with bronze or against bronze, people with less than 20 hours played.

Its all for the sake of a good and competitive game, having no MMR or level at all its frustrating.