View Full Version : Final Fantasy VII activation limit error

27th Aug 2015, 18:44
I recently purchased a new laptop and installed Final Fantasy VII onto it. Unfortunately, the activation did not work. It tells me I have reached the limit. Does anyone know what the limit is?

I uninstalled it from my old laptop (which I have now sold). If I uninstalled it from my old laptop, shouldn't that free up an activation? I also have FF7 installed and activated on my desktop.

I contacted Square Enix and their response was that they cannot help with downloading the game because it is past the 60 days. Although, I asked for activation help, not downloading help which I think should still be valid if I bought the game.

Any help would be most appreciated.

28th Aug 2015, 09:33
Activation limits are the amount of times you can install software on a new computer with a single key. It's a system that's used to stop piracy. Once the key is activated, the program installs onto your computer, but some of those files will stay there even if you uninstall the program. They tell the key not to activate again for that computer, just in case the user needs to reinstall. If the files aren't there, it's labelled as a new computer and the key activates again. That's why you can't deactivate a key. I'm not sure what the limit for Final Fantasy VII is, but from what you're telling me, it looks like the limit is 3.

I'm not entirely sure how VII's installation works, but some games have you put in your email to make sure it's really you that's installing it. Does it have that? Maybe it asks for your Square Enix account?

I think the only things that you can really do at this point is to send another ticket explaining the situation, or buy the game again.

Sorry if I'm not much help.