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22nd Aug 2014, 19:02
Hello all.

I am having a really great problem in this game.
So far I can deal with every class and find everything counterable. Everything but Sentinals.
I can not dodge them, since their controls are way too direct when kidnapping.
I can not kill them before they reach me, because they have too much HP when they come straight at me (hunter e.g.).
And most of all it's super easy for them to get 500+ DMG with one single atack that has little to no risk at lower levels.

This might change in higher levels (im 25 atm) but at lower lvs having 2 Sentinals in the vamps team just seems to be an easy win.

As this might sound like a "nerf damn OP class" thread, I saying: It is not. At the moment I REALLY hope for a nerf, gotta admit. I personally would like to see sentinals getting the controls similar to charging tyrants. So at least you could dodge them.
Anyone who as a mouse with controllable DPI just can go kidnap => increase DPI => having perfectly fine aiming.

I do not see any possibility to deal with sentinals. Would be REALLY glad if you could give me some tipps.
I know, that higher skilled groups have a good Bow-Sniper for them. But as said. You do not have them at lower lvs.
Got to admit I suck at aiming with the bow...

If oyu get kidnapped, you are dead. Starting the fight with -400 to -500 (having been kidnapped for 600+ already) and facing a 400 dmg pierce just seems a bit too much for me...

Any tipps welcome (get good is a tip I can give myself ;) )

Would also like to know if anyone feeling sents way too powerful.

Groknak, hoping he does not sound too much like qq

22nd Aug 2014, 19:12
sents are fine, you can dodge them but timing is tricky keep practicing, scariest thing for me as sent is bola (at least if your bad at aiming otherwise its scout) you can drop them from the sky with it, if there using air strike you must listen for the bomb and get away (pretty easy) if they are running dive bomb run underneath them where they cant hit you then bola/whip and grenade them where the land. i have had many kidnaps i dive into to save a teammate cause im fairly good at killing sents even after the drop with above combo, less than 50% but still, hope this helps

22nd Aug 2014, 19:21
Listening for the kidnap/abduct sound cue and dodge rolling are your best friends. It's pretty similar to dodging a Tyrants Charge, you don't even have to be looking at them and you'll probably still dodge 90% of the time! When you hear it close by, you dodge off to the side. If you want to CC them and not just dodge, Bola's and the Warbow are great at dropping them right in the middle of your team. Scout in general is good at just flat out damaging them in the air as well (they are "sitting" ducks in the sky).

I was very bad versus Sentinels when I started (I think most new players are too), and it didn't help that the main class I played was the Alchemist (who is almost completely countered by the Sentinel). I'm still not good versus them, but have gotten a lot better. It's def not a character I was use to playing against, and just takes practice really.

It should be noted that the Sentinel is perhaps the best 1v1 Vampire class, if they can pull off a successful kidnap/abduct and get you alone away from your team. They do deserve to kill you at that point (and usually will).

23rd Aug 2014, 01:33
I've found the best hint to be: every time you hear a sound you don't like, just dodge. Like, anywhere. There are few times where you'll dodge into a choking haze or kidnap, but most of the time the enemy will wonder how you saw them. And you didn't.

23rd Aug 2014, 14:52
Sents are one of the weakest classes if anything. Even if you get kidnapped it only takes, what? 200-250 damage from your friends to make them drop you early? You can pelt them from a long ways off. Once they are stunned/bola'd/what have you they have no way to escape and are easy prey. Well they have take off but no one I know takes that.

I'm surprised by 25 you aren't grouping with better humans by now.

Besides the advice others gave I also find it useful to dive into their attempt to kidnap/abduct. Usually it makes them over shoot. Dodging plus making use of terrain makes it pretty difficult for a sent to ever get you. And then if you have even halfway competent humans they'll just shoot the sent and make them drop you early.

Usually I'll get kidnapped only twice a game (from being distracted or a hail marry kind of kidnap) and it rarely results in death.

24th Aug 2014, 06:57
haha didnt play sents , just know that they are pretty hard to play and when u get used to it , well , sent is a beast ! I see many good players play mainly sents , and there u will see many kind of jukes in the sky xD . Sometimes , when u encouter a good sent , simply side-dodge wont work , only timing can save you ... cuz they can just do the 360 turn around and pick u up again . Ya , some crazy controlling eh :eek:

24th Aug 2014, 09:23
honestly i just think all sent users are macroing to remove the balance on the kidnap , it certainly doesnt move like that when i try and fly one, when you do dodge one and they spin around and grab you before the roll animation is over there is something rotten in Denmark .

28th Aug 2014, 15:17
Thanks for your response so far.
I have put (quite alot) hours into the game recently and I'm sorry. they turn around and grab you while you're in the rolling animation.
There is NO way to dodge that way. Might be me being dumb, but I can not dodge them. At least not if they play half way decent.
I have played a match vs 4 Sents recently. Had only lv 10-17 in my team. They CAN NOT handle sents.
If a sent flys againt the wall or ceiling it begins teleporting up and down. How am I supposed to hit that?

Sorry. You guys might not have struggles. So I just guess it's me, but having 2+ Sents in a game is a garanteed failure for me.
Hardly can resist quitting that. :/
Guess if it keeps that way this games gonna die for me.

So enough whining. just wanted to give you a response :D

have fun!

29th Aug 2014, 02:24
It's funny, I was playing against a team of two tyrants a couple of days ago (arguably the weakest high-skill vampire) with my team calling it hugely overpowered. Every strategy has a counter.

The direct counter to sentinels is to not get grabbed. That's easy to do if you're out in the open and (aside from popular belief) away from your team. Not too far away, but not clumped, either. As soon as you hear the sentinel screech, dodge. It'll be much harder for the sentinel even though you seem to be dodging early.

A hard counter to the sentinel is range. Hunters but especially scouts can simply shut down a sentinel with long-range damage or at least make it so that even if they pull off a kidnap, they may die mid-flight. Also, make sure to target properly. If one of your teammates is being attacked, IMMEDIATELY turn to attack them, no matter how low the HP of the vampire running away, and that goes for kidnap, too.

There are a couple of good soft counters. These are more hindrances than counters but, when well timed, will shut down a sentinel. The scouts Warbow drops them from the air at full draw. Get good using the bola as a hunter. That can stop a sent or save a teammate. Same goes for hex shot. The alchemist (unless you have godlike aim) can really only stop the sentinel on the ground, but boy can she!

Good luck :)

29th Aug 2014, 21:55
Actually, a common scenario I just encountered is pre-made 4 man teams stacking sentinels for easy wins against pubs and it seems hard to counter with inexperienced teams. Even if you shoot one with a warbow down, the other three can still just spam their bomb and kidnap.

The only real fix against this is the advanced matchmaking, putting experienced players against experienced ones and low-skill players against low-skill ones. I hope we get that soon, getting stomped over and over just because you didn't use a group for queuing gets old fast.

3rd Sep 2014, 16:53
Bolas. Bows. Volleys. Sentinels don't like these things.

honestly i just think all sent users are macroing to remove the balance on the kidnap , it certainly doesnt move like that when i try and fly one, when you do dodge one and they spin around and grab you before the roll animation is over there is something rotten in Denmark .

The velocity you have when you trigger your kidnap makes a huge difference in how it handles. Look up Raziel Warmonic's sentinel guide on these forums for tips on how to gain velocity quickly. Yes, it can be extremely difficult to dodge fast kidnaps - your best bet is to use your environment to your advantage (hugging a wall, being on stairs, and rolling off small ledges at the right time.) As far as balance in lower level play - balance in levels should mitigate this, as Sentinel is tough to learn. If your level 15's can't handle a level 40 sentinel, that obviously has more to do with level balance than class balance.

8th Sep 2014, 14:22
Another tip for dodging is dodge to a lower level. This game does not handle vertical changes very well and its great for avoiding bombs and kidnaps.