View Full Version : ABILITIES Tyrant Jump

22nd Aug 2014, 11:08
Hello! Ive searched and tried to find an answer to a question i have about the jump ability.
Ive seen tyrants jump much further than i do and im trying to figure out what im doing wrong. From what i understand, all you can do to increase the lenght of the jump is to hold "W". Last game i stood next to another tyrant who jumped half a bridge longer than me. We stood at the exact same spot.

Love, Nekcob.

22nd Aug 2014, 12:15
Hmm - I don't know of any other way - when I jump I do the press W or not depending on how far I want to go and the direction for aiming...I've not tested by standing next to another Tyrant to see if there is a difference.

22nd Aug 2014, 12:38
I am holding "w". That's whats making me confused.

23rd Aug 2014, 14:57
Are you holding down rclick for as long as possible? I know I can do shorter jumps if I don't hold it as long. not sure if its in my head or not that I can do longer ones if I hold it longer... or if I am subconsciously timing it with holding 'w'.

23rd Aug 2014, 22:23
Ye that may be the case. I'll test it out!