View Full Version : Had problems with this game

20th Aug 2014, 18:41
So i decide to desinstal Nosgoth (from programs and feutures) and now i cant play more games!When i try to play something that requires Nvidia PhysX says that "failed to initialize Nvidia PhysX! if you have recently installed or updated software or drivers try to restart the pc and if persists reinstall PhysX!" But i cant do even that cause when i try says that cant find some path in steam where the game was installed
EDIT:i install the game again and this time i was able to repair PhysX.And now im scared to desinstall this game.Help pls

20th Aug 2014, 18:55
Just download and reinstall your graphics driver~ It includes the latest version of PhysX.

20th Aug 2014, 18:56
dont uninstall nosgoth! problem solved