View Full Version : MISC. Ranked Leagues issue

27th Aug 2015, 03:51
I have an issue with the ranked leagues. I was aiming for a minimum of the gold division to earn the event skin (who wasn't) but due to my region and work, fitting into the available times for ranked was difficult. I am in Australia so the opportunity I had to achieve this was between 4am and 1pm. I unfortunately work night shift, from 7pm to 3am which means I spend most of the open period sleeping. I normally am only up in time to fit 1 or 2 games in. Today I made the effort to get up earlier to attempt to reach the gold division and I believe I would have made it, however the issue I have is that I did not make it due to some of my games having an enemy disconnect meaning I received no points or promotions for winning and/or doing well in those games. I went from Silver 5 (where I was after placement matches) to high Silver 2 in a matter of only a few days. I honestly believe those few games that denied me points, due to something I couldn't have avoided, would have made a difference in my outcome with the season.
I hope you look into this matter and can help me out.