View Full Version : MISC. Several Suggestions

19th Aug 2014, 18:17
Hello! I already made these suggestions on the steamforum, however I think that perhaps on the original forums they will reach devs alot easier. Well here we go:

*Make teammates have a color on the minimap and near their picture aswell as maybe name color or coloricon next to name for easier identification. Like CS:GO style. You should be able to choose color aswell in the party/lobby before joining, also like CS:GO. For example I choose green, my party buddy chooses purple. This will automatically override color chosen by the 2 other teammates IF they are joining single without party, giving them one of the remaining colors.

*Make human bodies that are available for feeding visible on the minimap, as they are not through walls. Trough walls would be to easy(OP) though.

*Make healing stations fade to grey on the minimap when alredy depleted, frustrating to run to one and guess if its ready again or not.

*Make players who use mic visible with name and speaker icon (maybe that is already possible, haven't heard any teammates speak) Or perhaps next to their classpicture to the upper left.

*Disguise for the Deceiver, the text does not say you can hold RBM for around 5 sec for total invisibility. Add to the text perhaps?

*Scout zoomed in crosshair wobble, Is it possible to reduce it? Recoil or Spread reduction? This maybe could be mentioned in the appropriate perks, if it can be reduced.

*Vampires who feed could perhaps heal nearby teammates for 10% of the ammount. Sharing is caring.

*Make it possible to type and talk in mic when game is over before going to lobby, for stuff like: "Lol did you see that last kill guys? he killed him while flashed!"

*Deathcam is kind of a dead giveaway, i don't think its competetive at all, it should be free cam above your corpse for 3-5 sec and then turn to a random teammate spectating to give the killer a chance to get away from good players who communicate.

*Make casual and competetive separate, leaving a competetive match will ban you from competetive for 30 min 2h 3h etc. Let players in competetive game modes advance in ranks much like cs:go. (I love the cs:go competetiveness if you haven't noticed)