View Full Version : Photos From Gamescom!

19th Aug 2014, 13:57
Hi all!

Gamescom 2014 was a blast, and I'd love to see your photos from it, whether they're from the Nosgoth booth or not!

Here are Plux and Louves with their own quotes!

19th Aug 2014, 15:32
Oh Xeno, you make me so jelly :tongue2:

9th Sep 2014, 00:24
Thanks Xeno, I was looking for that picture :)

Group photo:
http://www11.pic-upload.de/thumb/09.09.14/l62qhuabgire.jpg (http://www11.pic-upload.de/09.09.14/l62qhuabgire.jpg)

The Nosgoth booth:
http://www11.pic-upload.de/thumb/09.09.14/ippe24c354ey.jpg (http://www11.pic-upload.de/09.09.14/ippe24c354ey.jpg)

29th Oct 2014, 11:46
God I would kill to go back... Probably the only time I've ever played well with an Alchemist.. 19.5k damage and my team STILL managed to lose!