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25th Aug 2015, 21:09
Does Coin Doubler seem like a money grab? $5.79?! They've got to be kidding themselves. Maybe they're trying to find ways to monetize the game, because the initial strategies weren't working? Coin Doubler doesn't have any use except if you want to reach the Millionaire achievement faster. The economy of the game was perfect, and now all the changes they've made in the new August 25th version have completely turned me off playing at the moment.

This wouldn't be the first time that the prices associated with in-app purchases for this game have caused some head-scratching amongst fans.

This game is SO good and so different, I just don't understand why it was a free game in the first place, which results in having to compromise the game with problematic monetization strategies.

I would gladly just buy the game instead of:

- periodic interstitial advertisements
- in-app purchases - I don't use them, and I don't even want to see them!

Another great option would have been, the first level is free so you can try it and see how amazing it is and get completely hooked on it, and then you buy Desert Ruins and Mountain Pass for a reasonable price.

29th Aug 2015, 14:12
I was just checking my lists of 1.0.47 vs the 1.0.55 update and noticed something. Weapons now cost less coins to buy, with the removal of coin microtransactions that makes sense to some extent (Steel Toe Inserts had a price ramp though, from 75 to 175 coins), but now pretty much everything relies on gems and I think the appearance ratio for those has been reduced.

I have taken notes for the rewards of some achievements (with the upgrade I also got my progress completely wiped out) but I'm not sure how useful they might be other than just a minor curiosity. Will post on the dedicated thread soon-ish.

13th Sep 2015, 17:37
In case anyone is interested, I did my best to compile a new list of values and made a "change log (http://thetreeble.blogspot.com.br/2015/07/as-microtransacoes-de-relic-run.html#changelog)" for these. Typos may exist so some info may not be 100% accurate, feel free to correct me in that case. Question now is how long until these are changed again.