View Full Version : MISC. [SUGGESTION] Seasons, Ladders, Rankings and more.

19th Aug 2014, 02:15
I think it would be a great idea to split whatever rankings or ladder system they have into seasons. This way players can see who has improved/who is top for each season. This would be gauged by simple KDA for each Class / Faction.

Players would retain an overall KDA on their profile, and a seperate KDA for each season. Maybe award some things for the top # or % of performers each season. There could be special class skins for the top 20 Tyrant players for Season 1, etc.

There are so many different and awesome possibilities for season rewards and it really gives players something to strive for and I think it would be a great thing.

19th Aug 2014, 04:44
+1 to this.

19th Aug 2014, 05:26
Great idea, not sure what the developers have in mind right now for the ranking system that they are working on, but I like the prospect of having seasons and rewards.

One thing I'm not too acceptive of, however, is basing the best player on KDA ratio. In my opinion it doesn't really determine your actual worth. Yes, yes, generally speaking having a good ratio means you're doing it right, but I don't think it is a good indicator. If you happen to be in a position where you manage to clean up a team fight and score easy 2-3 kills out of potential 4 for that particular engagement - that doesn't represent your ability in any special way. In addition, it might promote bad play where people focus only on scoring the kills, which jeopardises teamwork on which this game is based.

Since Nosgoth is a very teamwork oriented game I'm sure they'll find a just way to introduce ratings on which the top % of the ladder is selected. The rest of the concepts that you mentioned will work very nicely with that.

19th Aug 2014, 14:38
Konf, the thing is...what else could ranking possibly be based upon? There really isn't anything I can think of the gauges a players ability aside from KDA. Time spent near teammates? See what I mean?

On one hand, you have a player who just cleaned up after a team fight and scored a triple, he was able to do this because he positioned well during the fight and managed to not die.

On the other hand, the same player cleans up again, poor positioning the whole fight..but luck was on his side.

Which is more likely to happen? Usually if a player is performing poorly and is positioning poorly he will not come close to managing to score a triple/quad.

Also, I don't think a KDA based ranking system will push players to focus on only getting kills. I think it will focus more on players positioning correctly / working as a team to avoid dying. As dying effects your KDA way more than your kill amount does.

19th Aug 2014, 15:26
No, no. KDA, although has an effect, can mean nothing. Base matchmaking on win/loss ratio almost entirely. Not only will this favour a 50% win/loss ratio for each player (I know it sounds bad, but a good matchmaking system will try to keep you there), it will also punish a lack of teamwork.

Of course, matchmaking is not as simple as that, and algorithms taking into account your KDA should take effect. For example, if you're on the losing team as the top player with most kills, most assists, fewest deaths and most damage, you'll be ranked (relatively) higher, but probably not as high as the lowest player on the winning team.