View Full Version : A couple things on capture the body

25th Aug 2015, 17:56
A couple things i have noticed on capture the body:
Dragging the body should give you more score. I had the most drag distance, our teamnever turned in a body, but i was in 3rd place. those who got kills got more score. I thought the objective was to drag the body to turn in point not get kills.
As human i died with full health and took no damage twice. i was standing there full health then just died. my body drops to the ground for no reason.

ok i know why i died "for no reason" the body exploded behind me and killed me.
Shouldnt objective defended be tracked and count towards score though?

26th Aug 2015, 05:41
First- They are constantly tweaking scoring/points. It has changed multiple times. The Vamps get a bonus for "Defending objective" when they kill the human shooting at the body holder. Just as the humans get a bonus for stopping the vamp carrying the body. Those who are killing should get a better bonus as you are getting free points for just dragging the body.

Second- When you were human and died mysteriously it is from the Body resetting. When it resets the body slowly rises and then explodes instantly killing everyone in the area, human or vamp. Area is roughly the same as Alchemist Immolation, and same animation it looks like.

26th Aug 2015, 18:49
As far as getting a bonus for defending, i never saw a confirmation that im getting a bonus for defending. All i see is bonus xp and the fact its not being tracked on the score screen.
Idk how you figure dragging is "free points". If it was easy, scoring would be easy. As far as getting bonus for kills, yes if defending, get a bonus. If just killing, you get, as i have seen many times, people running around killing and ignoring the body cause even though the objective is getting the body to the turn in point, the scores come in from killing. So you have people just running around killing getting 30 takedowns and they havent been anywhere near the body nor do they even focus on the body. I have seen this 1st hand. Not just talking out my ass. which allows people to boost their k/d ration on their personal statistics.
Only 1 person can drag the body at a time. everyone can kill at anytime. So since the body is the objective, you should get more points for focusing on the body rather than random killing.
And if you read my post i said i realized that the body was exploding, killing me.