View Full Version : Direct X 11 Support/UE4/Game Mode

25th Aug 2015, 16:35
Was wondering if Direct X 11 Support was in mind? Also any thoughts of switching to the UE4 since it has now went free. Dedicated servers and user created content would be awesome as well. Also was thinking of a Rapid Deployment type game mode like in Swat 4. Lets say like the Humans would have 3-5 randomly placed 'UV Bombs' per map. The Vampires must find and disable all bombs in the map or face annihilation. Just some thoughts. Other than that, awesome game. I am having alot of fun playing it.

25th Aug 2015, 21:44
I think the teams primary experience is with Dx9 (could be wrong).....whatever the case I never heard of a game this late in development changing Engine :P

25th Aug 2015, 23:44
Not much of switching game engines. This is ran on the UE3. Great thing about the UE is you can begin something back in UE2.5 and export it into UE4. Continuing on from where you left off and best of all, it is now next gen. Also, I know of a few games that have made the switch from UE3 to UE4 well after the games full release, but only within the UE, never have seen it done on any other engine... Man I love the Unreal Engine!

26th Aug 2015, 19:34
You might be loving an engine switch, but this isn't good always. Surely the UE4 has higher quality stuff, but you also need a computer to handle that. Switching from engine will most likely push the minimum requirements up a bit. Might not be a big thing for you, but it might impact the amount of potential people they are trying to reach with the requirements. Not everyone has a PC with for example a Titan in it.

I'm bad with wording this, but I do hope understand what I mean.

27th Aug 2015, 01:40
Yeah, I understand. It said this was a suggestion(s) page. So I put in 5 different suggestions... The game on the UE4 is something I would love to see, so I suggested it. But in all honesty I would be just as happy with DX11 support. Or even if it stayed where it is at right now, it's not a big deal either way was more just a suggestive question to the Devs I guess.. Really, I was more into what do other people think of the game mode idea? Any ideas that might make it a better idea?? User created content??? Those are the real suggestions.