View Full Version : Fix War Bows Please

19th Aug 2014, 00:01
When firing fully drawn right click shots from War Bow at pointblank they do not knock down vampires and do regular shot damage. Intended? If so, very silly and should be changed.

19th Aug 2014, 19:59
I started with that bow too and now after playing with the other bows I find it rather weak, but that bug/feature makes it even worse.

19th Aug 2014, 22:42
I'm not sure, but I believe the stagger is similar to that of the whip. I've heard people call it 'unnoticeable', where it's saved my life many times.

I believe the war bow to be a great counter to sentinels, but not much else.

20th Aug 2014, 03:00
As of current u need distance for that charged knockdown to happen whether if is intended or will it be fixed is not certain but is confirmed u need some distance to land the charged shot in order to cause a knockdown, what it will do after hitting the vampire is that it will cancel anything the vampire is doing and it will force the vampire to play a recovery animation of it getting back on it's feet before being able to do anything again , so basically is a nuke / CC shot that can either caused the vampire to be killed or heavily dmged.

If you caught any vampire in the air with the shot they will take fall damage like any humans would.

Points :

- need distance to cause a knockdown , point blank will only do damage no recovery animation will be played by vampire.
-a knockdown will force a recovery animation thus canceling anything the vampire is doing even skills
-if a vampire is caught in the air with this shot they will take fall damage like a human would

point to note : if a sentinel is too high in air , they could re-fly to avoid fall damage because they can fly but other vampires will take fall damage as usual , fall damage is calculated by how high they are.