View Full Version : MISC. Curious about league rewards.

25th Aug 2015, 03:34
Hi, i'm relatively new to the game and i'm enjoying it a lot. I was trying my hardest to reach gold before the league "season" ended and I made it to bronze 1 rank 1 at 7:50ish PM pacific time. I ended up getting into another league game before the end and winning it putting me at silver ranking but I never received a key. I'm curious if it's because of the time I ended the game 8:20ish pacific, or because it takes awhile to give out rewards. Really like the system and hope it comes back soon, just wondering when/if i'll get my reward. (too bad I didn't have time to get to gold ranking :( )


25th Aug 2015, 03:39

25th Aug 2015, 11:23