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24th Aug 2015, 17:46
Platform: PC (Win 8.1)

Episode 4 - Beach event.
It is possible to walk down towards the whales. When you do, you fall out of the world. Images of this I uploaded to steam share:

It probably should be impossible to casually walk down onto the beach. But it isn't.

Dialogue Oddity Between Episode 3 ~ 4
After you Blame Nathan, he may be suspended. However, as you work through Episode 3 and 4 the different characters constantly cannot make up their mind regarding if Nathan is expelled or suspended. It can't be both. So which is it? And can the wrong line(s) be removed and replaced with correct lines for consistency (and my sanity...)

31st Aug 2015, 23:20
Episode #1 first time in bedroom. In the draw is a card from the mother and father. But Max says "Looks like Dana left me a post it note" - no she did not. The line does not square up with what is actually in the draw.

1st Sep 2015, 19:26
Expelled line 1

Expelled line 2

Expelled line 3

Suspended line 1

Suspended line 2

2nd Sep 2015, 08:47
Thank you Shelke, the dialogue options are really helpful.

There are letters (Principal's office) that explain Nathan's expulsion. Also sometimes the word suspension is used in place of expelled (I know this could cause some confusion).

As for falling through the environment, I will pass this on to be looked into

Thanks :)

2nd Sep 2015, 16:18
Thanks for the reply. Yes it does confuse. There is a massive difference between expelled/expulsion and suspended/suspension. Expelled is for good, suspended is temporary. So which of the lines are true? Clearly he still has his dorm room - which he wouldn't have if he had been expelled.

The time I fell out of the world it happened at the beach on the visit to Frank scene (pay back money), I checked the leaflet, then the fence sign and then I walked right up to the fence - to get a closer look at the whales - only to find myself on the other side of the fence. After some steps forward more - Max was literally traveling between different worlds (Poor Chloe left all alone forever more...) Clearly the fence is not 100% solid in places as it should be.

4th Sep 2015, 21:40
There are letters (Principal's office) that explain Nathan's expulsion. Also sometimes the word suspension is used in place of expelled (I know this could cause some confusion).

I'm in the process of re-doing a save and I just completed episode 2 again.

In the Principle office scene of Episode 2 the Principle mentions suspending Nathan rather than expelling: http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/692781374698992898/9461B2E036C76A5A4E7E3EFD27B7BDE5B62DBA7A/

6th Sep 2015, 19:24
More line related content

In episode 3 in the Principle's office Chloe says: "I know he has something to do with Rachel missing." The line is missing a key word and thus sounds bad, when it should be: "I know he has something to do with Rachel being missing."

More stuff about the suspended vs. expelled disparity:
[Episode 3]
At the start of Episode 3 Nathan thinks he is suspended (Email in Victoria's laptop):

Principle's office -on the desktop - the letter says he is suspended rather than expelled:

Max thinks he is suspended:

So if you time line this stuff together:
Episode 2 end Principle says he is suspending Nathan
At the start of episode 3: Max and Chloe think he is EXPELLED. So does Dana.
In the office Max thinks he is suspended again and the letter on the principles desk says he is suspended.
In the cafeteria Nathan suddenly thinks he is expelled.
More expelled lines follow (screenshots above.)
The the two staff members have their own line each stating Nathan is suspended.

It makes zero sense or consistency at all. The characters cannot make up their mind about a simple factoid.