View Full Version : Prohpet needs her close-range firing tweaked.

18th Aug 2014, 17:42
Not sure if I'm the only one having issues with this, but, when I'm attempting shoot a vampire at point-blank, who's wailing on me in melee, nearly everyone of my shots miss. Even with the reticule right on them.

I think this is due to the prophet being hunched over, and then the fact she holds her guns straight out, and then the fact the guns have somewhat long barrels. So it seems then when the bullets are fired, I'm actually shooting over the vampire's shoulders when I'm firing.

Far too often am I stuck casting leech life or disabling curse at my own feet, then trying to roll away like crazy, as I lack the ability to fight point-black because of this =/

18th Aug 2014, 17:49
Weird, point blank shots with Prophet hit on crosshair very reliably for me. I do use Deadeye though.

18th Aug 2014, 20:32
Can't say I've had this problem, Reavers can be a pain sometimes when they're flailing around though.

18th Aug 2014, 20:38
I've seen the problem occasionally but I think it's down to lag because I often miss flying Sentinels with Hitscan weapons even if they're too close for spread to be a major issue. I think they're just in a different position when the server does the scan (I only play with about 40 ping if the scoreboard is accurate and it's been more of a post Infect patch problem for me)

19th Aug 2014, 04:34
It is a mix of a couple things.

1) 3rd person view makes it harder to see wtf you are aiming at point blank.
2) the game is server side lag recognition. Thus.. any lag at all and it is very easy to miss if you don't compensate. This means what you see on your screen can be a lie. If you hit or not is done by the server and not the client program. Thus lag needs to be compensated for in aim unlike client side calculations. As that is if you hit it on your screen it is told to the server that you hit the target and thus you land the hit no matter where they were on their screen.
3) the hitboxes get weird the closer you are because they teleport around so much due to animations as well.