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24th Aug 2015, 10:45
I came up with this idea after buying Adam Ljajic for man united and didn't have a clue how to pronounce his name.
I'll start with some below

Adem Ljajic - A-dem Lee-Ah-Itch
Miralem Pjanic - Mira-Lem Pee-Yan-Itch

24th Aug 2015, 17:03
Great idea - will be interesting to see if people have different opinions depending on their native language.

1. FC Köln - FC Co-lone

24th Aug 2015, 17:26
Mario Gotze - Ma-rio Gurt-zer
Players with Gaetan - Gay-Tan

Hi GD about koln I see its pronounced Co-lone is that the same way as the city cologne? That's how I say it anyway.

28th Aug 2015, 18:23
Yep - Köln is just the German way of spelling Cologne. :)

28th Aug 2015, 21:38
Thanks for I always thought they 2 different places :)