View Full Version : David was following Mr.Jefferson *SPOILERS*

24th Aug 2015, 09:02
Has anyone noticed that the picture of the gray car in David's files that you investigate in episode 4 is the same exact car Jefferson drives off with at the end of Episode 2?

David has been investigating Jefferson! Although it's not entirely likely, i still think it's a big sign that David might be able to help Max somehow in Episode 5, or just a bit of foreshadowing of later in ep4.


24th Aug 2015, 09:04
I agree. I think he will play an important role.

24th Aug 2015, 09:38
Check out this video where someone analysed all the information that we got from David.


24th Aug 2015, 09:39
Also, if David is kicked out of the house, in Ep4 max makes a comment about another one of David's guns missing. He possibly took a gun with him when he left!

@Wazzu, wow, great video! I'm thinking either David will end up helping max in ep5, or even samuel.

24th Aug 2015, 09:46
Considering said gun is still there if David stays, it only makes sense he's the one who takes it when he leaves. Well, unless what you tell Joyce about David makes her incredibly paranoid to the point she fears for her life. Unlikely, though.

24th Aug 2015, 13:12
They mention David knows more than he's telling the girls. He's obviously hiding something to protect them.

But earlier on there were hints to David helping Nathan? Maybe he was forced to help Nathan to keep his family safe? or maybe he was helping them with the offer of them letting his family use the bunker to stay protected from the storm. There were files pointing to David's connections to the security cameras at Pan Estates. I think he's involved in the conspiracy but will use that to help Max.

27th Aug 2015, 21:50
Nathan's plate is Six Feet Under maybe that is a hint that he is dead.
Mr. Jefferson's plate is for Top of the Lake which was a mini-series about a pregnant 12 year old Tui who goes missing. I had never even heard of this show but I looked it up on Wikipedia and one of the episode descriptions reads "Robin reveals to Johnno that she plans to make a case against Matt Mitcham, in hopes of encouraging Tui to come home. Robin shares that she caught Jamie attempting to take Tui Rohypnol, a "date rape" drug that Robin suspects Matt manufactures. Johnno warns Robin against bringing a case against Matt, as Matt's drug business provides much of the town with a livelihood." (Interesting)
Breaking Bad was the drug dealers RV
X-Files was Warren's car - he likes sci-fi
Very interesting with the license plates.

28th Aug 2015, 01:57
I must have a warped mind, I thought Nathan's plate read "Sex Finder" ........ Not "Six Feet Under"

29th Aug 2015, 05:25
Thank goodness someone put in the time and effort to analyse all the GPS data. I really wanted to do that but knew it would be a mammoth task.

3rd Sep 2015, 20:53
That would be strange if David ended up being the Everyday Hero. lol :)

4th Sep 2015, 03:41
I must have a warped mind, I thought Nathan's plate read "Sex Finder" ........ Not "Six Feet Under"

I also thought that Nathan's plate was Sex Offender, then I realise that it was series/movies references.
I think is a reference about this scene in particular, with Claire and Nate ( https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/736x/fd/95/84/fd95849c61770630ea8cb641b799b65d.jpg )
PS: WHO the hell is Twilight Zone? D: