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18th Aug 2014, 15:33
When viewing someone elses profile, clicking on the "My Forum Profile" link will lead you to their profile, not yours. This seems to only happen on Nosgoth forums or with the Nosgoth theme setting.

20th Aug 2014, 12:01
Just to confirm...

If you're wanting to view your own profile the "My Forum Profile" should link you your own profile...
If you're wanting to view someeone elses profile the clicking on the persons name should take you to it.

Please can you confirm if this isn't not functioning properly for you?

20th Aug 2014, 16:02
Yeah, that has been a bug for quite few months now.

21st Aug 2014, 13:39
Here's an image demonstrating the issue. When on your profile, hovering over "My Forum Profile" simply leads to your visitor messages.

22nd Aug 2014, 12:20
Hmm very strange indeed...I'll check the Admins/SE are aware of the issue.

EDIT: To confirm with Raina's message - the techs are aware of the issue – it's a problem with the Nosgoth site…if you want to get to your profile if you sign in at the SE forum index page or change your skin view to the SE standard – it works on these – hopefully they’ll fix it soon though! :D

23rd Aug 2014, 01:07
Awesome! Thanks, Lucin.
Can't close thread.