View Full Version : VAMPIRES Alternate Executions Are, A Weakness?

24th Aug 2015, 04:17
Do you also consider the vampire's alternate executions to be a vulnerability, a compromise of function in favor of flash?

Bare in mind that I utilize them in all of my vampire classes, so this isn't meant to suggest that they should be changed. I am just wondering if anyone else sees them this way, to see if there should possibly be a word of warning or disclaimer for those looking to buy and utilize these executions.

My logic behind this is that all of the base executions involve a degree of crouching over the human corpse while you feed, while the alternate executions have the vampire standing upright during the feeding. Because you are no longer crouched down but standing up right, you have increased your area of exposure and made yourself a larger target for any enemy to land a hit on; and because you are standing up during the feeding, you are unable to fully utilize waist high walls and objects to obstruct your enemy's line of sight as you feed.

What do you guys think?

24th Aug 2015, 11:35

24th Aug 2015, 12:06
I've never really given any thought about this before with it being an advantage/disadvantage.

24th Aug 2015, 13:41
I believe this came up as a concern somewhere when the skins first came out - that due to their bigger target when feeding it was potentially punishing those who bought it. I'm not 100% but I think that the actual feeding animation was slightly speeded up to compensate... they at least feel faster than they used to be.

24th Aug 2015, 13:44
I never really thought about this either. Some of them I don't think are a big deal
Something I think would be really cool is if they pick up the body and put it in front of them they have a small shield.

Reaver, Summoner, and Deceiver have execution where the body ends up in front of them, if this absorbed 2-3 shots it would be amazing.

Also to counter what you have said Curb Stomp actually keeps the tyrant lower for more of the execution.

To agree with you, Sentinels Second execution makes them really vulnerable, the amount of sentinels I have killed because there wing is 50 ft in the air is amazing.

Lastly I don't think it matter to much because all vampire should be eating in a place they aren't vulnerable. I run all the executions as well, and I either got time to eat or I don't I never say oh if only I was crouched for 5 of the 6 seconds instead of 2 of the 6 haha.

Good find though.

24th Aug 2015, 14:05
Wow, I never thought about this and it's nice to see someone making a thread about this. In my opinion it doesn't really matter that much, considering the fact that you should always feed in a 'safe' place, but I never saw this as an actual issue. Nice find.

24th Aug 2015, 14:27
matter, specially about sentinel...

not always you can feed in a good spot, sometimes you must take chance and feed in middle of combat zone or just around a corner/something... at least in public server.

i write about when new execution where released.

but i dont bother too much, anyway i will not buy it with current prices, lol